Work Enquiry Questionnaire

In order for me to assess what would be involved and what I need to bring etc could you please could you include the following information:

Car (Make, model, Year):                                                       MAKE/MODEL/REV/ YEAR
Work required:                                                                        SCOPE OF WORK
Address:                                                                                   ADDRESS
Garage available: YES / NO                                                  YES / NO
Garage Available overnight if required? : YES / NO         YES / NO
If No, private driveway available: YES/ NO                       YES / NO
Driveway covered? (i.e Carport): YES / NO                       YES / NO
Surface and condition (for jacking):                                      TARMAC / FLAGS / GRAVEL
Power Available: YES / NO                                                   YES / NO
Water Available: YES / NO                                                    YES / NO
Workbench Available: YES / NO                                           YES / NO
Weekend working only: YES / NO                                        YES / NO
Preferred Dates:                                                                       ASAP /  XX/XX
Permission to take photos for promotion? YES / NO

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