Raw Striker Engine Mounts

The Raw Striker is available both as a kit or fully assembled from the factory. The engine fitted as standard is the excellent Toyota 20v 1600cc 4AGE. Unfortunately the engine mounts supplied are a poor design. On this car both engine mounts fractured and replacements were redesigned, manufactured and fitted.

Here is the left hand mount as it came off the car. The two visible cracks aren’t just through the paint, it’s through the steel plate, it was obviously very close to fracturing completely. The right hand mount was the first to fail and had failed in a similar way.


Here is the right hand mount. It attaches to the block with three M10 fixings. This plate was badly fractured and urgently needed replacing first.




Due to ancillaries not fitted on the Striker, there are actually seven holes on a flat plane available to mount the engine mount to on the right hand side. I decided to use all seven holes to share the load.



The new mount was manufactured from 50 x 50 box section. Here are the mounting plate and the box section arm. A circular plate was welded in the vicinity of the rubber mount.




With the engine and gearbox supported in the correct position the plate and arm were tacked welded together in place.  Once back off the car full seam welds were made and then the gusseting added.




And here is the finished right hand mount prior to painting. It’s actually lighter than the original flat plate mount and much much stronger.




Sometime short time after the right hand mount was changed the left hand mount also failed. It was remade in a similar way. 





Here’s a view of the mount through the exhaust cutout.





And from the top.






And here are the new engine mounts painted and ready to be fitted for the final time.

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