Mk1.5 Torque Mounts

The Mk1.5 requires custom made torque mounts front and rear. Here is the original front Mk1 chassis mount and the Mk2 mount. Both are required to be combined together…




Both mounts were cut down and fitted to the car with the engine and gearbox held at the correct rotation.





And new side plates were cut to join the two together. These were tack welded on the car and then subsequently removed to be fully welded up.




Here is the rear torque mount assembly unmodified. This is the Mk2 turbo gearbox mount and the original Mk2 chassis mount.




The torque mounts front and rear have been replaced with Polybushes. These are extremely stiff and therefore only require a small amount of clearance between chassis and mount. Here the Mk2 turbo gearbox mount has been cut to miss the rear chassis rail.



Here the gearbox mount has been test fitted on the gearbox. On the chassis you can see I have cut an angle bracket and drilled it to pick up on the original Mk1 captive nut holes. The Mk2 torque mount assembly will be welded to this.



Here is the gearbox mount mid modification. Plates have been added to one side and the back to extend the mount point lower.





And here is the assembly test fitted before welding on the final side plate. On the chassis you can see the angle plate picking up on the old Mk1 captive bolt holes.




And here are the finished mounts front and rear painted and ready to go.





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